Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mickey Mouse, FINALLY!!

I found this piece of my childhood last week on eBay and even though I don't feel like playing with tamas at the moment, I had to bid for it and I WON IT! I have NEVER seen pet like this on eBay when I have searched for virtual pets there, and I have been on the eBay from 2008, so that makes like 5 years!! 5 years is almost like once in a lifetime chance ;)

You know, I got virtual pet like this when I was 10 years. I remember that my mum bought it for me and I used to play with it often, because it's not the most demanding virtual pet, yet still kind of rewarding one. :) My pet was black one but this new of mine is bright red.

I have to play with it sometime soon and make a review of it for you guys. :) I have forgotten so much details of it, so I'm pretty interested in remembering all its features again! At least I remember it goes to school and gym, but right after these my memory fails.

Mickey is sleeping! Cute :)
Otherwise, my collection is doing just well, and is growing slowly but surely...

Monday, 10 June 2013

Introduction: The Best Virtual Pet Ever!

Finally it's here; my introduction for this Best Virtual Pet Ever I got in March! I've been so lazy (no actually I've been just busy)(and lazy) and I could have written this introduction several weeks ago but I just didn't find the inspiration for this before.

I still don't know the brand of this pet, so I'm going to call it "Best Pet". :D

First when the pet is started and batteries inserted, you can see some vague clump on the screen and heart in it... Mysterious..

Suddenly pet starts to scream; it REALLY screams!! Then you realize what the clump was; it was the mom of the baby pet, and now it's giving birth. This is the only one virtual pet I know actually to give birth on the screen so it can be quite confusing.. but just a bit. :D Can you see the head coming out between legs!?

Then screaming stops and here is the baby!! He looks confused too!

Feeding of the pet is normal; there are several different meals you can give your new baby.. (:


Ice cream!!
Also lighting is normal, you can put the lights on and off, and the pet feels ill if it has to sleep when lights are on. So turn them off when your baby is sleeping. (: (At first he sleeps a lot, but he also wakes up in the middle of his first night. Then he will be awake for an hour and goes back to sleep after that. I have always loved that feature in this pet. It is so lifelike, just like taking care of real babyl!) (: <3

You can choose between two different games; card game and jumping over the ball. I love jumping over the ball, but card game is good if you're busy and don't have time to pay attention on the pet screen. Then you can just press buttons and pet gets happier after little while! But I didn't tell you that, then. ;D Always pay attention and show LOVE for your pet ;D <3

Guess which card will be bigger!?

Jump over the ball during minute and don't let the pet touch the ball.. Oh, which one is the ball!!?? xD
If your pet gets sick, it will need a medicine. Just like my baby boy needed.. :(

Cleaning the shit of this baby last like forever! That brush moves so slowly!

The Best Virtual Pet Ever also has weather function! <3 Here is my pet wearing an umbrella and cap when he is already little bigger. You can also see the sun and the rain when pet wears his accessories and that can last for hours like real weather effects. So-Real! <3

Sunny day and happy dog <3
It's raining, but he's still smiling. Btw, this pet IS smiling all the time when he feels well. If he doesn't, he looks sad. 
Here is what he looked when he was an adult:

And just couple of days later his ears started to stand up. He looks cool dog. (: 

I have to admit, I wasn't careful one day when I put him into my purse, and was going somewhere out. You know, the pet will reset itself if you press A and C buttons at the same time. That is exactly what happened that day when he was 17 years (days) old. When I looked at it, I was soo angry at myself!! Damn, the game had resetted itself and I saw new baby on the screen. 

I decided I didn't want to play again at that point. But I know I will be playing with this pet a LOT! It's in a perfect condition and works perfectly without any errors, and that is so rare for 90's virtual pet! <3 So I gotta so some love for it always and just hope it will stay just as it is now.. (:

For the information; I also took a photo of "dead pet" (oh that is so cruel) and here you can see him in the coffin. And he is sad. :(( 

"Thanks to you, bitch, I'm dead now!"
Okay but whenever I want to take care of my pet all I have to do is insert the batteries in it and see this awesome birth again! Now I hope you enjoyed my introduction and please if anybody knows the name or the brand of this pet, let me know it too!! Thank you! (: <3

Now let's give some birth!!!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Surprising finding

Hi! I had a great Easter, I hope you had great holidays too? (:

I spent my holidays in Orimattila, enjoying the peace of nature but also company of my family and friends.. (: <3 I took my new dog virtual pet with me also, and it is still doing fine, growing, playing and changing its' form every other day. Very rare thing for 90's virtual pet is to work properly for days and weeks, growing old. The only thing in it is that the clock is often messed and is showing less than it actually is, but luckily time is adjustable in this pet so no worries. (:

I LOOVE to go and shop from the stores that are selling used stuff. I don't know the specific name in English. So I went shopping to my usual shops and enjoyed what I found; music, nice bolero and this Littlest Pet Shop pet. It only costed 50 cents so it was dirt cheap! When I saw the pet on the shelf I was like 0.0 and just grabbed it with me with no doubts. :D Value of these pets is still low these days since they were manufactured in 2006, but I didn't have this one in my collection so I had to have it. :D I could have paid even little bit more of it.

I played it once and it is really crappy. It is made for very small children and it is overly too simple (even Jennifer can almost play with it), but I'm still happy to have it, because after all it is virtual pet and I want to have all of them that are ever made. :D Character is a cat and may I say, it is very cute. (: <3

Saturday, 23 March 2013

My Love!!

Hi everybody! It's been quiet in my virtual pet world for several months, but now I have some awesome news to share!!

TADAA!!! <3

March of 2013 <3
I've been looking for this one specific pet online for whole four years without even a clue where to find one. Four years!! I even contacted my idol and true and the best virtual pet collector Melissa ( from USA to find this thing but nobody couldn't help me with this one. Main problem here was that I don't know style/brand of this pet, since it's so unique! But best of all, it is my all time favorite virtual pet EVER! <3

Then one day I was putting my clothes to be sold online in Finnish Auction Web Site, ja accidentally happened to search "virtuaalilemmikki" ("virtual pet" in Finnish) and then I saw it!! Available in Kokkola, Finland!! I was surprised how cheap it was since this is a rare thing, but I won it and the seller was great and send it to me very quickly! Yesterday I got it and it is in perfect condition to be about 15 years old. Just amazing. <3

It should be a dog but it is still just a round ball because it is a baby. I think I will publish an introduction of it when I have played the whole life circle of pet trough. Anyways, if anybody knows name/brand of this pet I would be happy to know.

I even made a wall paper of this photo to my blog, since this pet is just so awesome. Reminds me of the time I was 10 years old and got it as a present of my girlfriend. It was such a nice present and I will remember it forever. <3 If I remember right, I gave it back to her later when we were much older. :D Before that I played with it many lovely years. I remember the summers I used to carry it with me when I was playing in the park and I took it everywhere where I went. Those golden memories. <3

Right now I have some things going on with this blog. I've been planning styles and colors to be more suitable for new wall photo, but it is difficult. I would like to have a clear background color to blog introduction and all text fields that are not showing very well at the moment.. But I don't know how to do it!! :(

I noticed that the quality of this pet is awesome. Screen is very dark and clear as you can see already in the picture. Shell is strong and pet works fine unlike my many 90's pets. I actually tried to play with my Nano Baby some weeks ago, but it just reset itself all the time and I got bored to that fast. Nano baby is awesome, but it hasn't take time as well as this one. (:

Soon my pet wakes up, so I get to play with it whole day!! <3 It's Saturday today, so I will be spending also time with my family and maybe go to shopping. What a good life I'm living.

Yesterday I just hold my new pet and thought that miracles can truly happen! <3

<3: Jennabel

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Super Gyaoppi!!

Yeah! :D I'm so glad because last week I was surfing on the eBay and found something great; rare (japanese) Super Gyaoppi and it was dirt cheap! :D

It has the same programming as Octo-Pets do, and that is the reason why I wanted it. And yesterday I got my Super Gyaoppi ( <3!!!) and the quality seems to be better than Octo-Pets-quality. I've been testing my Gyaoppi now for over a day, and it is still perfectly working. (:

It's a new item made just like 90's version. It had batteries in it, but screen isn't the best so I think it may have two reasons; poor screen or poor battery. I hope for the first of course. :D Another not so good thing is that the buttons are a bit too close to each other, so playing fast games with it is demanding.

I'm so happy since my Octo-pets was always reseting itself all the time, and I couldn't play with it properly. This Gyaoppi haven't reset itself so I love it! Love it, love it, love it, LOVE IT!! xD <3

You may not be surprised; I'm playing with an alien character. ;D

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Introduction: Cyber Baby

I don't know how to put this, but I was kinda couple of hours away from home and when I got back I saw this:

So it looks like my Cyber Baby already died when it was like 4 years old or something. :((( It was very easy pet to keep happy, and took neglect very well, too. Or so I thought. :D

I didn't really fell in love with this pet, so I won't be restarting it at this point. I'll take the batteries out and if this thing gets lucky I will some day play with it again. xD <3

Here's some introduction about Cyber Baby, anyways. (:

Feeding is normal. It has a regular meal and a treat. That's all about it really. :O

Eating meal.

Eating treats.

Playing is a pretty normal function, too. It is guessing if the heart is in left or right box, and the pet gets fast happy when it is played with. (:

There are two ways to maintain the health of Cyber Baby. And this was the nicest thing I found about this pet. When it is really sick you have to take it to the hospital with an ambulance. :D It can also exercise, and it looks very cute when doing it. <3 It has funny music then, too. And when there is an ambulance it has also real ambulance sounds, of course!


Exercising funny black ball. :DD <3

And what else... Yeah, this is my Cyber Baby when it was a teenager (only at the age of 4! I hope my daughter won't grow this fast. (: )

Looking much like a boy. (:

And the last basic thing; status function:

Age and weight.



Education (not sure, but it seemed to grow when I disciplined my pet, when it was naughty.)


Don't know what it is.

Cyber Baby still have one mystery function I never found out. I have intuition that it could be walking outside, but I still don't know. I would like to know that!!

In a nutshell; Cyber Baby is a little bit odd, but still kind of a regular virtual pet. It's not especially lovable or unique, so playing with it isn't much of an experience. I would say about programming and quality, that Cyber Baby is definitely one of the 90's cheapest and most boring virtual pet. Not much imagination has been used when this was made. But the basic idea is working, graphics and sounds are ok and pet wasn't irritatingly beeping all the time like some v-pets. (:

I would recommend Cyber Baby.. well, maybe just to most passionate collectors! At least I'm happy to have this old thing in my collections. (: <3

Monday, 5 November 2012

Cyber Baby is Born !

Hi all!

Yesterday I finally found some motivation to test my Cyber Baby virtual pet more. So I added batteries in and immediately after pushing reset-button the game started. I had to try several batteries first since I noticed that screen color was quite weak. I thought it would have been because of bad batteries, but screen color remained light with every batteries I put in. Damn 90's technology! :D

At first there was an egg on the screen. That's not so surprising I guess.. (: After setting the pets clock, I saw an active volcano on the screen! Wow. :D Nasty ! :D Sadly I didn't get the volcano to a picture since it went over very fast. :(

Then my Cyber Baby was born. (: It was already sick right after it was born, that's weird for virtual pet in my opinion. The scull on the screen was bigger than the baby itself! :D 

As you can see in these pics, the screen isn't best possible. Little icons on it looks like a mess on the pictures. I will try to document the programming, anyways, for you. (: 

Even though my Cyber Baby is still a little baby, it can already exercise! I think it is really trying to be a bit cyber sort of character, not like a human baby. 

Cyber Baby appears to be quite normal, even a bit boring virtual pet for now on. There is some action I don't even know what it is, but when I choose it, it looks like pet is going to some kind of box, or out of door. I don't know if it's walking outside-function, but maybe we'll see when the game continues and baby grows. (:

<3: Jennabel (: